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ProSolution Management Services has helped public sector organisations answer such questions as ‘shall we lease or purchase our vehicles‘ and ‘do we retain in-house workshops?

Conducted fleet audits at end of the contract period, in addition to in-house workshop audits.

Conducted fleet compliance audits for sub-contracted services during the contract term

– Public Sector ‘austerity’ continues help and advice are on hand for those with the foresight to move forward and meet the challenge.

An extract;

Continued budget cuts, emerging technology and the increasing trend towards collaboration, mean that
‘business as usual’ for local government transport providers is not an option.

Civica has previously explored commercialisation in Local Government through
its changing landscape series. ‘The commercial imperative’ report, in partnership
with CIPFA looked at the growing pressure to reduce costs and found some
great examples of organisations who have risen to the challenge. In this report,
we look at specific issues for the Transport sector and offer guidance on how
transport providers can commercialise their operations.
At a recent Leadership Forum, Civica, in association with the Chartered Institute
of Logistics and Transport (CILT), brought together a group of transport experts
to explore the ongoing challenges, how they have responded, and what lessons
they have learned along the way.
Ultimately, the Forum concluded that public sector transport providers must
continue to explore commercialisation as a key part of their strategy if they
want to effectively manage budget cuts and maintain frontline services. If they
are not currently doing so, then they need to act fast. Our leaders agreed a
three-step approach to a successful commercial model:

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ProSolution, keeps one of the UK’s premier integrated Waste and Recycling, solutions providers for local authorities, businesses and the general public compliant, by providing full audit and inspection services for their varied municipal fleets.

ProSolution, transitioned our client from ISO: 2008 to the new 2015 standard for both ISO:9001 & ISO:14001 at the first BSI audit review.

ISO 9001:2008 ISO 9001:2015
0. Introduction 0. Introduction
1. Scope 1. Scope
2. Normative reference 2. Normative reference
3. Terms and definitions 3. Terms and definitions
4. Quality management system 4. Context of the organisation
5. Management responsibility 5. Leadership
6. Planning
6. Resource management 7. Support
7. Product realisation 8. Operation
8. Measurement, analysis and improvement 9. Performance evaluation
10. Improvement

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