Energy & Environmental Policy

Transport in the UK is responsible for just over a quarter of the country’s carbon dioxide emissions, which is the main contributor to climate change due to human activity.

Our Energy & Environmental Policy recognises the role of ProSolution Management Services Ltd in supporting National carbon aims, but also describes our wider commitment to responsible travel and carbon reduction in all that we do – for everyone.


Our Aims:

  • Promoting more sustainable ways to travel and developing plans for our Associates to complete their journeys in sustainable ways.
  • Improving energy performance and reducing carbon emissions: of our buildings, products/equipment, and services we procure.
  • Doing more with less: Ensuring that we use resources sustainably, by encouraging efficient project design, reducing the volume of waste we produce, recycling more, and avoiding landfilling. We will review our process and projects to further mitigate the impacts on our local environment.
  • Staying compliant: Complying with energy and environmental legal requirements that affect us
  • Environment ‘built-in’: We will consider the environmental impact and energy performance of our new projects, products, services and suppliers, and procurement decisions.
  • Monitoring and reporting: We will monitor our environmental impact to help us improve our environmental performance, set challenging objectives and targets, and develop the systems that help us achieve this. We will report our performance publicly each year in consideration of our client’s demands and expectations; and
  • Working with our Associates and clients: in a shared set of environmental aims – through effective training, clear communication, and supporting the good ideas individuals have.
  • We commit to continual improvement of our environmental and energy performance and the provision of resources and information to achieve these improvements and realise our objectives and targets.

We use our Policy aims to help us set our environmental objectives and will review our Energy & Environmental Policy again in 2025, and in the event of changing circumstances such as legislative or organisational changes.

Eddie Cross
Managing Director

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